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Tips for Starting Your Day

Gratitude Journals

There is a lot of research supporting the use of gratitude in order to help your mind focus on the positive (Tips for Keeping a Gratitude Journal) and I began using one this year in order to help with my own focus.  When the quarantine began I went from a sporadic user, to a daily user as a way to start my day.  I have found that it does allow me to vent my worries and frustrations, but also helps me to set a positive intention and move forward each day.  That is tough to do when each day is feeling surprisingly like the one before!  To see the template that I use each day, click here.  

For Teachers


For Parents & Kids

Posting Your Intention

I know so many teachers post a learning target, objective or "can do" statement on their board each day.  But how many of us post these statements at home, as well?  As our parents have become the teachers, are we encouraging them to post an intention each day?  Are we also encouraging kids to post intentions, as well?  Research backs up the connection between learning and posting an intention so why not use it at home as well as at school?  Take a look at the examples from one mom at home who lets her children (kindergarten & third grade) take turns as well!

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